Renovations are being completed to prepare for LifeROOTs reopening.  This is only one part of what makes LifeROOTs the premier program for the community of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

LifeROOTS wants to say THANK YOU to the Rio Rancho Community Foundation and Sparklight (formerly CableOne) for awarding us with grants to continue our mission in serving adults with disabilities within the Rancho Community!!! 




Update on the reopening of our day programs:  A start date has yet be determined!!
Pending are the following:
  • DDSD approval of plan.
  • Preparing the building.
  • We are hiring for several positions please see our website at www.liferootsnm.org.
(LifeROOTS is currently on a self imposed moratorium for all services until further notice).



We have several open positions at LifeROOTS:

  • Director of Human Resources – FT

Adult Community Services Positions:

  • Service Coordinator – PT
  • Adult Services Day Program Lead CIC (Albuq. & Rio Rancho)
  • Adult Services Day Program Supervisors
  • Adult Services Day Program CIC (Albuq. & Rio Rancho)
  • Adult Services Day Program Career Discovery Coordinators (Albuq. & Rio Rancho)
  • Adult Services Day Program Literacy Coordinator

Custodial Positions:

  • Custodial Crew Lead – at KAFB
  • Custodial Crew Members – KAFB, Federal Courthouse & City of Albuquerque

Landscaping Positions:

  • Groundskeeper  Crew Lead – City of Albuquerque
  • Groundskeepers – City of Albuquerque
  • Irrigation Specialist

Children Services:

  • Early Intervention Service Coordinator/Developmental Specialist

Visit our Career Page for more information and to apply!!


LifeROOTS is excited to announce that we will be opening for Adult Services soon! We are working hard to complete the requirements for our Reopening Plan. The health and safety of the participants along with our staff is priority. A start date has yet to be determined as we require approval from DDSD.


A big shout out to the ACS team for continuing to provide remote day services and direct support to our participants throughout this pandemic. Our goal is to rebuild strong, committed, and person-centered teams; if interested in working at LifeROOTS, please apply online at www.liferootsnm.org.


We cannot wait to see you back at LifeROOTS and are grateful for your continued support in us and our mission!


Welcome to LifeROOTS formerly RCI Inc. Since 1958, LifeROOTS, a non-profit community-organization serving Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and the surrounding area, has responded to the increasing and changing needs of children and adults with physical, developmental and behavioral disabilities. Our innovative programs and services assist people of all ages – from infants to adults – to reach their personal goals. Today, LifeROOTS programs touch more than 1,500 individuals with disabilities and their families each year.
At LifeROOTS we focus on individuals and their specific needs. Our disabled adult clients and families have access to day habilitation (day hab), supported employment, job coaching, job development, literacy programs and much more. We offer children and families FREE early childhood intervention screenings, assessments and services from birth to age 3. We also offer other therapeutic and support services for children with disabilities including parenting classes, therapeutic and behavioral services and much more.
Our LifeWORKS program offers quality contract and business services to the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho government and commercial industry consisting of a disabled and committed workforce.We are committed to providing a caring and stimulating environment where disabled, developmentally delayed or behaviorally challenged children and adults in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and surrounding areas will achieve their highest potential.Whether you’re hiring a person with a disability, seeking employment or community-oriented services for persons with disabilities, or looking for an early intervention or therapeutic children’s program, contact LifeROOTS to learn more.
LifeROOTS is grateful for the support of the many individuals and businesses that enable us to help enhance the lives of those with disabilities.  If you would like to join us on our mission to provide programs and services to children and adults with disabilities in New Mexico, there are a number of ways for you to donate.  Click here to learn about ways to give — and together let’s “Empower the Lives” and “Shape the Futures” of so many in our community.