What Makes This Woman Amazing?

  • She is amazing because she won a prize at the State Fair for a sculpture of a girl in a wheelchair.
  • She made a gold-ribbon quilt for the State Fair.
  • She has gold-medaled in several sports in the Special Olympics.
  • She acquired a job at the Dollar Tree, initially working one day a week with job coaching, but now works two days a week with NO assistance.

She is amazing because nothing impedes her from moving forward.  As a Career Discovery participant she assists in running the ‘Feed Me Now’ store.  She greets and helps customers despite a speech impediment.  As a result, her speech has improved to the point that she is easily understood.  Her computer skills have grown rapidly because she finalizes the cash intake, figures out the profit, and then enters the corresponding numbers using Excel.  The need to reach and stock shelves and refill the refrigerator with cold merchandise has given her the opportunity to enhance both stability and mobility.  There are times she “forgets” to use her walker and walks independently.

She meets the challenges of life with the heart of a warrior.  Her smile lights up a room while the sound of her laughter and sense of humor mirror life’s crazy moments.  She inspires and encourages others just by being who she is.  SHE DOESN’T KNOW SHE IS AMAZING!

RCI plays a part in this young woman’s amazing adventure of life by fostering her independence at every turn, challenging her leadership ability with care and a large dose of humor and laughter.  She has become the consummate diplomat; a team leader who teaches by example.  Her great attitude infects those around her, inspiring them to be better themselves.

So, who is she?  Michelle Eckles, an amazing young woman.

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