The Loidolts Gave Natalia A New Place to Live. LifeROOTS Gave Natalia a New Lease on Life.

At just one year old, Natalia came to live with the Loidolts – a move that helped to change this little girl’s life in so many ways. Having been removed from her biological parents due to abuse in her home, she was welcomed with open arms by the Loidolts family – who immediately knew something was wrong with Natalia’s development and behavior.

Upon bringing her home, the Loidolts realized that not only was Natalia tiny and underweight, but she was also displaying signs of underdeveloped motor skills. She also was lacking in communication skills and displayed very little or no emotion — in addition to suffering from night terrors. Eager to help her, the Loidolts consulted with their pediatrician about how to best help the little girl they had welcomed into their home – and their hearts.

Noting Natalia’s developmental delays, their pediatrician immediately referred them to LifeROOTS for a developmental evaluation … and to get this little girl the help that she needed to get her development back on track.

Through the LifeROOTS FREE Early Intervention Program, Natalia received speech therapy, occupational therapy, vision services, nutritional support and infant massage – all provided free of charge by LifeROOTS and their experienced child development specialists. In the year and a half since Natalia first began the LifeROOTS Early Intervention program, she has not only gotten on track with her development … but she’s become an active and fully-functioning member of the Loidolts family.

The Loidolts couldn’t imagine their life without Natalia … and the whole family couldn’t imagine Natalia’s life, and development, without the services she received from LifeROOTS.

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