LifeROOTS Launches Bilingual “Inclusion Playgroups”

Parents of 2 and 3 year olds looking for a fun, stimulating learning environment for both typical and special needs children have an exciting new option when it comes to pre-school programs.  LifeROOTS has introduced a new bilingual “Inclusion Playgroup” licensed program specifically designed to integrate typical children and children with developmental delays — providing an opportunity for them to play together, interact and practice school skills in a classroom-like setting.

The LifeROOTS Inclusion Playgroups were designed to provide a setting for typical children and those with developmental delays to engage in a number of fun — and educational — activities together, including sensory activities and circle time.  The program also offers a special indoor gross motor area and outdoor play area.  Snack time is also provided.  Inclusion Playgroups are led by bilingual teachers with expertise in early childhood education of 2 and 3 year olds, as well as experience in special education.

The Inclusion Playgroup program is available at no cost for eligible children enrolled in the Family Infant Toddler (FIT) Program; for children not enrolled in the FIT Program, there is a $10 cost per session. For more information, call 505-255-5501.

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