Children’s Therapy and Services: Doing Good In The Community Does Good For All!

Our Children’s Therapy and Services team is dedicated to helping to enhance the lives of children with developmental delays – and is also committed to helping others throughout the community, as well.  In order to help the most vulnerable in our community, we participate in a number of  team-building activities throughout the year to assist those in need … as well as to help build our strength as a team.

This past August, the team came together to volunteer at the Road Runner Food bank for a few hours to wrap pizza to deliver to help feed the hungry.  In addition, members of the Children’s Therapy and Services team also participated in the City of Albuquerque’s Homeless Outreach event in October.  We gathered clothes, blankets and various other donations and handed them out to the homeless at this event.

Volunteering in the community is important to all of us here at LifeROOTS.  With this in mind, and in order to “give back” to help those in need, the Children’s Therapy and Services team makes it a point to try to incorporate some sort of community outreach activity into our calendars several times a year. It provides us with an opportunity to come together as a team and do something good for the community.  In addition, it also gives us an opportunity to do something fun as a team outside of work – again, helping others as we help create an even stronger team here at LifeROOTS.

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