Mobile Food Cart Continues to Bring New Opportunities to People with Disabilities

The “Feed Me Now” program continues to not only provide jobs and personal growth for those with disabilities, but is being embraced by a number of local companies. At the Whitener Law Firm in Albuquerque, in fact, employees eagerly await the arrival of the “Feed Me Now” cart each week – not as much for the opportunity to enjoy the beverages and snacks from the cart, but for the opportunity to talk and interact with the LifeROOTS employees they have gotten to know as a result of this important program.

As part of the Career Discovery program at LifeROOTS, the “Feed Me Now” program centers on a mobile food and drink cart – stocked and staffed each day by people with disabilities. The program began by having the cart, and LifeROOTS clients, travel throughout the LifeROOTS offices to help them learn important skills such as change making, customer service skills and social interaction. Seeing how successful the program was in helping people with disabilities thrive and learn important life skills, the program continued to expand – and now, the “Feed Me Now” cart travels daily to a number of local businesses throughout the community eager to be part of this exciting program that helps so many people.

At companies that have embraced the program such as the Whitener Law Firm, the “Feed Me Now” program has been successful on so many levels – and has proven to be a win-win for all involved.

“When I was approached by LifeRoots about allowing their food card to visit our office, I believed that we were going to help those who participate in the program,” recalls Leanne Duree, Chief Financial Officer at the Whitener Law Firm. “The truth is that we are the ones who benefit from the weekly visits. Everyone from LifeRoots who has been to our office demonstrates determination and work ethic, something we can all learn from.”

Others at The Whitener Law Firm share Leanne’s sentiments about the benefits of this unique program, and how much they enjoy the opportunity to talk to the Feed Me Now employees each week.

“All of us at the firm look forward to the food cart every Thursday. Every person who has visited our offices from LifeROOTS is an inspiration,” notes Matthew O’Neill, owner and attorney at Whitener. Legal Assistant Raelina Marquez agrees, noting that “The ladies that visit our office every Thursday truly brighten my day.” Kyra Thompson, Legal Assistant, further notes that “It’s wonderful to see a program that cares so much about their participants and the way the organization benefits people with disabilities. By participating in the Feed Me Now program, Whitener Law Firm and its employees have had the pleasure of watching the individuals grow in their job skills. When the snack cart arrives, we are always greeted with a bright smile, which in turn, brightens our day. “

For more information about the Feed Me Now program, and ways to get involved, contact Gwendolyn Kiwanuka at 255-5501 or

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