LifeROOTS Offers Cost-Effective Program To Help Companies And Organizations With Assembly And Repackaging Jobs

LifeROOTS is excited to launch a program that makes good business sense for area companies and organizations … and makes it possible for workers with disabilities to work in meaningful jobs within the community.

Through our Assembly and Repackaging services, we offer a cost-effective way for today’s companies to handle many jobs by having our workers perform these tasks – freeing up their staff while providing a great work opportunity for those with disabilities

Why Hire LifeROOTS?

  • Dedicated, Motivated Workers: Companies hire our organization — not just employees
  • Cost Savings: LifeROOTS pays the labor force’s payroll taxes, benefits, workman’s comp and unemployment taxes, benefits, workman’s comp and unemployment.
  • Convenience: Our employees can work at a company’s location or product can be delivered to our workroom

Why is LifeROOTS better than a typical temp agency?

  • Benefits for the Company: Diversifying workforce might make you eligible for some government contracts
  • We Provide the Supervision. LifeROOTS offers workforce supervision – freeing up company supervisors
  • Workers who Love to Work. Our workforce enjoys the challenges of repetitive work, show up to work on time and have very low turn-over.
  • No background checks needed. Our workforce maintains contracts that require confidentiality, security clearances and background checks – so companies are guaranteed top quality workers.

LifeROOTS is pleased to introduce this program that helps today’s companies take the work out of assembly and re-packaging projects for them – while giving work to those with disabilities and helping them gain a sense of independence. For more information about the LifeROOTS Assembly and Repackaging Program, click here or call us at 505-255-5501.

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