Our LifeROOTS Hero: Art Williams, RN At LifeROOTS, Honored By Rio Rancho Observer as a 2014 Healthcare Hero

We are thrilled to announce that Art Williams, our LifeROOTS nurse, has been named a “Healthcare Hero” by the Rio Rancho Observer.  As a recipient of this prestigious award, Art is featured in a special “Health Care Heroes” insert in the Rio Rancho Observer’s 2014 Health and Wellness Directory – a directory of all healthcare providers in the region that is produced by the Rio Rancho Observer and distributed throughout Sandoval County.

For the past nine years, Art Williams has played an instrumental role here at LifeROOTS where, as our only nurse, he has provided special care for our clients.  His dedication to his job, his nursing skills and his commitment to helping to provide important medical care to those with disabilities has been something we have long admired and praised here at LifeROOTS  — and we are so happy that he has been recognized and honored by the health care community with this important award.
Art joined us as a highly experienced nurse, with a long career in public nursing and nursing management.  As he made the transition to provide nursing care to those with disabilities, we have seen first-hand how his soothing demeanor and nursing skills have helped our clients – noting his “calm voice, calming hand and calming influence” on our clients, and how he “demonstrates compassion and care.”  As our nurse, Art keeps tabs on medication and treatment for all of our adult clients, and has made a number of other important contributions to our program – including helping to produce precautionary policies and procedures, as well as training staff to follow these directives.
We congratulate Art on being recognized with this honor – and thank him for the vital role he plays here at LifeROOTS in being a dedicated and skilled nurse to our clients, a critical component to our entire organization … and our very own “healthcare hero.”
For more information about the Healthcare Heroes award, and to read Art’s feature in the Healthcare Heroes section of the Rio Rancho Observer’s 2014 Health and Wellness Directory, click here.
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