LifeROOTS Speaks In The Community: LifeROOTS Presents to Groups Throughout the Region to Provide Information On Family Infant Toddler (FIT) Program

In an effort to provide information about support and services available to families with a child from birth to age 3 who may have a developmental delay, LifeROOTS has been offering an informational presentation to staff at local pediatricians offices and other groups working with young children. Her presentation “Early Intervention: Therapeutic Services for Children Birth to Age 3” focuses on services currently available to families, the process for obtaining FIT services and important tips for outreach to ensure that anyone who needs Early Intervention services gets the help they need.

This Fall, LifeROOTS has already spoken at High Desert Pediatric, Albuquerque Pediatrics and New Mexico Family – offering an informative PowerPoint presentation followed by an interactive Question and Answer session to ensure that her audience understands how to best ensure that children with developmental delays get the help they need and what the FIT program offers. In the coming months, Kathleen will be speaking at a number of other local organizations, including ABQ Health Partners – Coors Center and ABQ Health Partners – Juan Tabo South.

If you are interested in having LifeROOTS speak at your company, group or organization to present important information about Early Intervention, the FIT Program and how to ensure that young children with developmental delays get the help they need at this critical period in their lives, contact Kathleen Cates at 505-255-5501 to schedule.

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