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Important News Surrounding the DD Waiver!

There was recently some important news and developments surrounding the DD Waiver!  As many of you know, the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) has resulted in many individuals with disabilities being denied services that they need simply through this one assessment.  However, an important development recently occurred, with the federal district court issuing an opinion granting a preliminary injunction in favor of the Plaintiffs in the case of Waldrop v. the New Mexico Human Services Department and the New Mexico Department of Health — a case which is bringing to light the many problems associated with how NM has used the SIS.
According to the order  “The services and benefits afforded to New Mexico DD Waiver recipients must be returned to the status quo ante preceding the initiation of the SIS assessment process.”   This means that it appears as if everyone who had received a SIS has to have their DD Waiver services restored to the services that they were receiving before they had a SIS assessment.
This is important news and a promising development for those with disabilities and their families who have faced service cuts due to the SIS.  Call us if you have any questions surrounding service cuts due to the SIS and these new developments – and keep checking our website and Facebook page for additional developments on this issue and other timely issues facing individuals with disabilities and their families.
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