80 Volunteers from Sage Brush Church Gather to Help Beautify LifeROOTS

Volunteers Spend the Day Providing Grounds Keeping, Painting and Providing Other Major Improvements to LifeROOTS Menaul Site    

IMG_0365On Saturday July 11th, we were thrilled to welcome more than 80 individuals who volunteer through Sage Brush Church to LifeROOTS – where they spent many hours providing some very valuable, and much-needed, repair and beautification work to the LifeROOTS Menaul location.

The volunteers were welcomed enthusiastically by our staff, and the day proved to be deeply rewarding for all involved. The group of volunteers provided us with the following services:

  • Approximately $6800 worth of grounds keeping work
  • Painting of the children’s classroom
  • Painting of the sensory roomMural painting in the sensory room
  • Assembly and installation of a privacy cloth around the children’s classroom playground

Washing of the outside windows at the administrative building
This amazing group of volunteers provided the labor, supplies, water for volunteers, paint — as well as all items needed for these tremendous improvements to our facility. Between labor and supplies, this amazing outpouring of valuable help resulted in close to a $10,000 gift provided to us. But more than that, it was day that we will never forget … and a show of community support that we will treasure forever.

Thanks again to these amazing volunteers for this wonderful gift of time and talent in bringing these much-needed

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