Focus on Fundraising

Changing Times Calls for Changing Model of Fundraising for LifeROOTS

 Since our founding, LifeROOTS has prided itself on supporting ourselves – relying very little on asking for personal and/or corporate donations to help keep our programs and services running. In fact, while most other not-for-profits have continuously sought donations from the public, donations and fundraising outreach has typically accounted for less than 1% of our annual budget.

However, different times call for different measures … and, as most people know, it’s a very different time in New Mexico (as well as throughout the country) for organizations such as ours that serve the needs of individuals with disabilities. As government has gotten leaner and leaner – and our budgets and reimbursements have gotten smaller and smaller – we are now looking for other ways to help fund our programs – including seeking out donations from our many friends and supporters who know, many first-hand, of our value in the community.

As we continue in these “leaner times” for organizations serving the needs of those with disabilities, we’re asking you to consider a donation to LifeROOTS this year. There are so many reasons to consider giving to LifeROOTS. So why give?

  • Your donation will directly benefit the most vulnerable individuals in our community: those with disabilities
  • Donations show community support – which, in turn, enables us to apply for more grants. Which, as we all know, enables us to secure funds needed to implement some truly innovative programs that are of great value to enhancing the lives of our members. .
  • Each and every donation makes a difference – whether it’s helping to offer the Early Intervention program to give a young child all-important services when he/she needs them most … or helping to enable an adult with a disability to secure his/her first job, receive his/her first paycheck … and provide him/her with a true sense of accomplishment– and newfound independence.

So this year, unlike other years, we’re looking to you. Consider a gift to LifeROOTS before the end of the year … and help give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to continue to receive the same level of high quality programs and services that have helped so many to enhance their quality of life.

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