Committed to Going “Above Compliance” LifeROOTS Launches New Vision Statement to Highlight LifeROOTS’ Role in the Community

 LifeROOTS continues to be on a Journey to Quality … as we continue on our mission to provide individuals with disabilities and their families with the resources and support they need to empower their lives and shape their futures. Our commitment to quality is reflected in everything that we do – from our training, to our programs and services, to our strong partnerships within the community. In fact, our commitment to quality has once again been recognized this year by Quality New Mexico, which has consistently honored us with the prestigious Pinon Recognition for a number of years, noting our commitment in providing the best service/product to our members, and praising us as a role model for other organizations in the state.

Our Journey to Quality is taking us to new heights this year. Fueled by the idea that “Best Practices Kills Innovation” our goal is to move past the status quo … and strive to do even better than meeting best practices in everything that we do. Times have changed, and we know that we need to do even more than simply meet “best practices” to go above and beyond to help ensure that we are able to provide the absolute best programs and services for our clients. Sometimes the best, and most innovative, ideas come from doing something that isn’t strictly guided by “best practices” – and our goal is to go that extra mile, find that unique idea or solution to a problem … and allow LifeROOTS to reach even more milestones on our journey to quality that will benefit not only our organization, but which will directly enhance the lives of those with disabilities.

This idea of striving to do more, our commitment to the community — and our continuing Journey to Quality – were the key factors in the development of our new Vision Statement for LifeROOTS, which we are proud to have just introduced. In developing our new Vision Statement, our goal was to highlight how LifeROOTS provides services for the entire community … stressing how we go above and beyond to play an active role in being part of the community in which we live, work and serve.

With this commitment to serving, and partnering with, the entire community in mind, we are excited to launch our new Vision Statement for LifeROOTS:


LifeROOTS Vision Statement

LifeROOTS enriches the entire community by nurturing individuals to grow, strengthen and flourish.

With our new Vision Statement, we are excited to move forward in our work to empower the lives and shape the futures of all those we serve … as well as enrich the entire community through the teamwork, partnerships … and continuing commitment to quality that is the driving force behind LifeROOTS.


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