Looking for the Most Comprehensive Guide to Local Sports, Recreational and Art Programs Serving the Needs of People With Disabilities in New Mexico?

LifeROOTS is pleased to announce that we are offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of a valuable new booklet for those with disabilities and their families, which was created by Dr. Christina Davidson. The booklet, New Mexico Adaptive Programs, provides a listing of adaptive programs throughout New Mexico – including sports programs, camps, dance programs, art programs and other valuable resources for special needs children, teens and adults. We are thrilled that Dr. Davidson has also included LifeROOTS in this valuable guide – and happy to be included with so many wonderful programs throughout the area.

New Mexico Adaptive Programs was created by Christina Davidson, M.D. – who was born with Cerebral Palsy … and whose life was shaped by playing adaptive sports. Christina’s story and passion for adaptive sports began in 8th grade when she fell in love with wheelchair basketball. Playing the sport throughout high school, she was then recruited by the University of Alabama – and went on to win two national championships with the Crimson Tide Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team during college.

A huge advocate for adaptive sports and all adaptive programs, Dr. Davidson created this booklet to make more individuals with disabilities and their families aware of the social resources that are available to them – from sports programs to leisure activities to educational programs. Dr. Davidson, a graduate of UNM School of Medicine who is currently doing her residency in Pediatrics at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas, credits her participation in adaptive sports with not only opening new doors for her, but greatly aiding her self-confidence and adding an overall sense of happiness to her life.

With this booklet, Dr. Davidson brings important information about adaptive sports and adaptive programs throughout New Mexico to the special needs community … and we are happy to be able to offer it to you on our website. The booklet gives program descriptions, overviews, contact information and website links for 33 local programs right here in New Mexico – and is a great resource for those who can benefit from adaptive programs.  In addition, if you know of or are involved with an additional adaptive program that can be included in this booklet, click here to submit information that we can include in this growing and expanding resource for the special needs community.

Enjoy learning more about these wonderful adaptive programs — and we will be sure to send you updated guides periodically with additional programs and facilities that will be added in the weeks and months ahead!
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