LifeROOTS Menaul Center for Independence

Make a Difference in the Lives of Special Needs Children and Adults

LifeROOTS is currently seeking to further grow our Board as we continue to move forward in working to achieve our mission of helping to “empower the lives” and “shape the futures” of those with disabilities.

LifeROOTS is looking for Board Members who:

  • Is will willing to bring their strengths to strengthen the community
  • Anyone who would like to lead their community to a more active position in supporting the community
  • Anyone who has a financial education and/or experience
  • Anyone who has a fundraising or marketing education and experience
  • Anyone who has experience working with, living with or loving children or adults with special needs
  • Anyone who has skills and access to legislatures or decision makers
  • Anyone who understands the importance and dignity in independence can provide
  • Anyone who is able to use their relationships, skills and abilities to communicate about the services we provide

Why would you become a LifeROOTS Board Member?

  • You would meet and build a trust with other community members who are active in improving their community.
  • You would create an opportunity to support the community that supports you.
  • Through your hard work you will reduce the need for government support by creating other funding streams.
  • You will have fun meeting employees, clients and friends of our organization at all of our community events.
  • You would receive a tax deductible documentation toward all of your financial or in kind donations.
  • You will know that your hard work and commitment has improved the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families.
  • Your dedication has created services and opportunities that have empowered lives and shaped their futures.

If you are interested in becoming a board of directors member, please contact Kathleen Cates, CEO at or call at 505-255-5501. Board Members should be able to dedicate 2 to 3 hours a month minimum, and be available to site on at least one Committee.

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