How We Help … and How We’ve Helped

Our employment program at LifeROOTS continues to provide important opportunities to individuals with disabilities and enable them to secure jobs throughout the community where they can. In fact, for more than 20 years, LifeROOTS has operated affirmative business opportunities that provide valuable services for area businesses while providing employment for people with disabilities – and has helped so many people find the perfect job.

Here is just one example of how LifeROOTS helped one of our members – and how being part of the LifeROOTS program can help empower the lives and shape the futures of those we help.

Brendan Miller of Albuquerque, who has cerebral palsy, was a student at University of New Mexico studying accounting while trying to get a job during college.  Looking for a job in finance/accounting, he applied to a tax agency — and, due to his disability, was only offered a job as a “sign spinner.”  Although he had no cognitive issues from his CP, he was only offered this job due to the perception of his disability.  He took the job and, after graduating from UNM with a degree in accounting, he returned to seek a job at the tax agency – only to once again be offered the job as a sign spinner.  Knowing he had more to offer, he came to us – and we worked with him to secure a great job at the NM State Auditor’s Office, where he is able to put his degree in finance to great use.

At LifeROOTS, we strongly support and applaud the exemplary inclusive hiring demonstrated by the Office of the State Auditor for this position – and look forward to continuing to work with organizations and companies who share our commitment to providing employment opportunities for those with disabilities. For more information about our employment program at LifeROOTS, and details about some of the companies we work with, click here.

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