Client Success Story: Abigail

Abigail is a member of our Rio Rancho Day Habilitation program – and a true “success story” in so many ways. Since becoming part of LifeROOTS, Abigail’s grandparents note how the program has given her a true “sense of belonging” – and has enabled her to have a better understanding of things and become more mature due to the opportunity for her to talk things out with her peers. Noting that “LifeROOTS has helped her grow and make friends” Abigail’s grandmother also says that Abigail loves the great support she has at LifeROOTS, where she says she feels safe and has learned to love her routine. Abigail truly looks forward to coming to LifeROOTS – and has truly been thriving in so many ways as part of our program.

There’s so much that Abigail has gained from her experience here at LifeROOTS … and nobody says it better than Abigail herself. Here’s a letter written by Abigail about what LifeROOTS means to her – and how LifeROOTS has made such a difference in her life.

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