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GIVING, AND GETTING, THANKS: LifeROOTS Custodian Marcus Sanchez Receives Multitude of Thanks, and Dozens of Thank You Cards, from Building Occupants

Since 2009, Marcus Sanchez has worked as a custodian for LifeROOTS at the Pete Domenici Federal Courthouse – where he is tremendously valued and respected by building occupants that he has known for years. Occupants recently showed their gratitude to Marcus by presenting him with dozens of “Thank You” cards – brightening up not only his walls, but serving as a bright and happy reminder of the impact that he has on people every day.

We thank Marcus for his continuing hard work, dedication and the role model that he has become for all those in our LifeROOTS business contracts program – and are so glad that so many others are thankful for him, too!

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