Client Success Story: Ginny

LifeROOTS has provided our daughter Virginia “Ginny” with a loving, caring environment.  She loves to go to the program daily and misses everyone when she is unable to attend. We think she feels like an integral part of LifeROOTS. Socially she has matured and has many friends. She has development may ADL’s and talents due to staff’s hard work and consistency.  As parents, we feel she is safe and well cared for and we trust the staff who work at LifeROOTS.  Being “nonverbal”, Ginny has her own language and it has given us great joy to hear the staff doing “Ginny Talk” as they greet her and say goodbye.  That acceptance and thoughtfulness of who “Ginny” is says so much. It was difficult to find a day program for Ginny where she was safe and cared for physically in the manner we expect as parents. We found that LifeROOTS.  Ginny has attended since 2003.

– Patty & Frank

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