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LifeROOTS member Lori Davis has been an integral part of the LifeROOTS family and the Kirtland Airforce Base Custodial team since 2012 – when a family member first suggested that LifeROOTS could help her secure a job in the community that would best suit her. Prior to working with LifeROOTS, Lori has worked as a delivery person at Krispy Kreme, as well as worked as a custodian at Phillips Semi-Conductor until the company shut their doors. However, upon coming to LifeROOTS and becoming part of our Business Contracts program, she has gained not only valuable work and business experience through her job as a custodian on a KAFB contract, but as she has noted, has gained important self-esteem by being part of the LifeROOTS program and through her valued role at KAFB.

When asked how LifeROOTS has helped her through the years, Lori notes that LifeROOTS has helped her “in every way.” Specifically, she points to how the LifeROOTS program and her work at KAFB has helped her “gain high self-esteem and makes me feel valued” – further noting that at both LifeROOTS and KAFB, she is “treated like family.” Lori says that one of the best parts of her job is that she loves the people she works with at both LifeROOTS and KAFB – noting that “I believe from the bottom of my heart that everyone from top to bottom at LifeROOTS, from the CEO to everyone I work with, want to see us succeed.”

Lori certainly has succeeded – and continues to take on new responsibilities and win the praises of everyone she works with at KAFB. Recently she was assigned to fulfill the tasks of an entire contract by herself – and the following is what her customer had to say about Lori:

I want you to know that Lori Davis continues to do an outstanding job here at KAFB. She is almost always here early, always busy, always finding more and more ways to make our area look better. We used to have issues with odors, no more. She cleans things that have not been cleaned in years. Her people skills are good and has a wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for sending her to us. 

We’re so proud of Lori and all that she’s brought to both LifeROOTS and KAFB all these years, and are excited to continue to watch her continued accomplishments both in the workplace and in all aspects of her life. Congratulations Lori, and thanks for all that you do!

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