5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Early Intervention Program for Your Child

Early intervention programs allow children with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential. At LifeROOTS, we work with children from birth to age three on meeting their physical, cognitive, communication, emotional, and adaptive milestones, helping them overcome barriers and reach their fullest potential. Seeing why Early Intervention is the best choice for your child is easy, but choosing the right program can be hard.

We encourage new families to tour LifeROOTS at least once and speak one-on-one with the staff members before enrolling their child full-time. Here are five questions that we recommend you ask an EI specialist on your next visit:

  1. What early intervention services do you provide? This may be the most important question of all. Making sure the EI provider is able to accommodate your child’s unique needs is an essential part of choosing the right program. This is a great time to start a dialogue so we can design the best possible program for your family.
  2. Can you describe the intervention activities to me? Learning exactly what activities and techniques the specialists might use to treat your child’s disability may help you know what to expect from each session, making the transition into EI more comfortable for you and your child.  
  3. How can I continue my child’s progress at home? We give your child the tools they need to succeed and coach parents and teachers so they ensure that they are being used every day. They say practice makes perfect, and with a little support from their family, your child can master the skills they need to manage their disability.
  4. Where can I meet other families who are participating in EI, too? People often benefit from getting together and sharing their experiences. We’re happy to help you find a parent support group in your area.
  5. What happens when my child turns three? Their third birthday might be a long way off, but remaining aware of your child’s post-EI options never hurts. We can continue working with the children until age 18 through private insurance or Centennial Care, or prepare families for the transition into programs associated with the public school system, like Child Find.

We’re confident that our dedicated team of therapists and educators at LifeROOTS can change your child’s life for the better, and we want you to feel the same. Schedule a tour of our facilities, and let us open up doors for you and your child.


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