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How to Host Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for LifeROOTS

Millions of people use Facebook every day to send birthday wishes to their friends, which is why the platform’s Birthday Fundraiser was created. Now you can celebrate your birthday exactly how you want to, keeping the focus on giving back to an organization you care about. If you would rather celebrate their big day by donating to LifeROOTS’ life-changing child and adult habilitation services, ask your friends and family to give to your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser to give a gift that gives back.

Because social media is so widely accessible, Facebook is the perfect tool to spread awareness about LifeROOTS’ mission. Two weeks before your birthday, Facebook will send you a notification about the possibility of starting a Birthday Fundraiser. You can choose to donate to over 750,000 US nonprofits nationwide, but we recommend keeping your cause close-to-home by selecting LifeROOTS. Your friends will receive an invitation to participate in your Birthday Fundraiser in honor of your special day.

Start your new year the right way by providing local families with the resources they need to succeed. Follow these five tips to launch and lead a successful Facebook Birthday Fundraiser.

  1. Time it. Start your fundraiser two weeks before your birthday, and end it three days after. This will give you time to invite all of your friends to participate, have your birthday, then pick up any stragglers who are joining the party a little late.
  2. Speak out. Facebook allows you to write an introductory post for your Birthday Fundraiser, giving you the space to explain why LifeROOTS is important to you. Maybe a friend or family member has participated in an early intervention or workforce support program. Maybe you attended Pi(e) Day, or have been touched-first hand by one of our programs. Whatever you story is, now is your chance to tell it.
  3. Be proactive. Once you launch your fundraiser, it’s important to keep your friends updated on your Birthday Fundraiser’s progress. Sometimes, one more post is all it takes to reach your fundraising goal.
  4. Share our story. The best way to reach potential donors is to remind them of your cause. Show them what LifeROOTS is all about by uploading photos and videos, sharing testimonials, and reposting relevant content from other accounts.
  5. Stay positive. Whether you meet your fundraising goal or not, every dollar is a step closer to delivering critical services to the people of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho who need them most.

Use your passion for LifeROOTS to inspire others on your next birthday! Click here to step by step directions on how to set up your fundraiser.

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