Why it’s Important to Give Local

Donating means making some tough choices about where to spend your time and money. We all want to make a positive difference in the world, but also want to ensure that our efforts are not in vain. By giving to a local nonprofit like LifeROOTS, you can see the difference your donation makes in the lives of children and adults who seek our life-changing services.

The beauty of giving locally is you can see the impact right in front of you. Supporting initiatives in your community allows you to be actively involved. While you may have an idea of what people in other nations need, but you likely have a better idea of what local organizations have to offer. LifeROOTS is committed to providing people with disabilities, and their families, the support and resources needed to empower their lives and shape their futures – a cause that can’t happen without the support of our local donors.

There are plenty of ways to give to LifeROOTS and bring critical services to the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho residents who need them most. By shopping with one of our local partners, like Smith’s and People’s Flowers, or by using AmazonSmile, you can donate to LifeROOTS at no additional cost to you. Click here for more ideas on how you can give to our organization for free. People are drawn to causes that are close to their homes and hearts, so if you or a loved one has a personal story to share about LifeROOTS, we encourage you to spread the word through a Facebook Fundraiser.

Giving locally strengthens communities, and communities create stronger, healthier individuals. When you donate to LifeROOTS, you will know exactly where your money is going while forming bonds with people in your area. Click here to make a recurring donation today!

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