Facilities’ Coordinator (Handyman)

Role Summary:  Responsible for ensuring the safety of the workplace. Coordinates, administers and implements comprehensive training programs in occupational and environmental safety. Directs facility operations and future planning of LifeROOTS facility management and establishes procedures for maintenance and/or replacement of LifeROOTS facilities, grounds, and vehicle fleet and system operations. Provides department directors with overview of LifeROOTS’ security measures and requirements and enforces, creates and trains employees on fire and safety policies and procedures. Manages as the Facilities Security Officer and processes all background submissions which includes but is not limited to –CYFD, JPASS/Airforce, GSA/Courthouse, SSI/TTW, APD and DOH.


Principal Accountabilities: (essential job functions):

  1. May conduct and maintains records of quarterly safety inspections as directed by the Director of SFFS of All LifeROOTS facilities.
  2. May conduct environmental accident investigations under the guidance of the Director of SFFS and submits reports upon completion of investigations to HR, including investigating and studying the nature and cause of accidents and making recommendations for corrective action.
  3. Maintains accident log and oversees the light duty program.
  4. Provides technical support to Directors and Managers on all safety concerns.
  5. Ensures through monthly inspections that fire extinguishers at all LifeROOTS sites are charged.
  6. Supports the Director of SFFS to conduct fire and shelter in place drills, maintains logs of monthly fire drills at LifeROOTS’ main building and quarterly at the Centers.
  7. Analyze hazard conditions and assign a risk assessment.
  8. Ensures facilities exhibit safe, attractive and hygienic environment for staff, and customers.
  9. Ensures through quarterly inspections or notifications that all identified and needed repairs are corrected within a reasonable time frame.
  10. Asses and monitor facility repairs to ensure cost effectiveness; establishes criteria for repair versus replacement.
  11. Oversee the operation, maintenance and repair of heating and air conditioning electrical equipment and repairs to sinks and faucets as needed in LifeROOTS facilities.
  12. Through manual and/or electronic means, ensures LifeROOTS facilities are secure for the safety of staff, customers and visitors.
  13. Monitors facility emergencies, including equipment breakdowns, malfunctions and alarm calls.          
  14. Provides orientation along with SFF Staff to all new LifeROOTS, Inc. Staff and Service Contract Employees and Commercial Contract Employees on applicable safety requirements, including but not limited to, material handling, slip-trip-fall hazards, electrical hazards, use of tools and equipment, fire safety and lifting procedures and on an annual basis thereafter.
  15. Supports the Director of SFFS to develop, maintains and modifies an Emergency/Disaster Plan for all LifeROOTS facilities. Trains management staff on how to implement the training.
  16. Maintains key control and assigns keys, cell phones and net books as needed by Department and Division Directors.
  17. Ensure that the exterior grounds and landscaping are maintained and free of any hazards to staff, customers and visitors.
  18. Is the Inventory officer for LifeROOTS. Tracks and documents all LifeROOTS, office and staff assets.  Communicates fixed assets to Fixed Asset Coordinator.
  19. Complies with applicable LifeROOTS policies and procedures.
  20. Is required to document all safety violations.
  21. Maintains confidentiality and exercises personnel authority with respect to employment, training, salary charges, performance appraisals and termination of assigned staff members.
  22. Responsible for participation in the quality assurance program and ensures that all department-applicable quality improvement requirements are fulfilled.
  23. Responsible for participation in the company’s financial management and ensures that all department – applicable fiscal responsibilities are fulfilled, including ensuring compliance with budgetary constraints and forecasting and planning facility improvements.
  24. Responsible for participation in the company’s Health and Safety program and ensure that all department- applicable safety requirements are fulfilled.
  25. Perform other related duties as assigned by the CEO/President


Education, Essential Skills and Experience:

  1. High School or GED diploma is preferred.
  2. A minimum of three years in related field.
  3. Must have current knowledge of applicable local, state and federal safety and fire codes inclusive of, but not limited to, regulations and standards published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Electric Code (NEC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
  4. Must be able to demonstrate strong organizational, planning, and writing skills and experience.
  5. Participation in recent continuing education programs related to Safety and Facilities, per licensing requirements.
  6. Computer literate in Windows environment.
  7. Fundamental understanding of LIFEROOTS, Inc. policies.


Beneficial Skills and Experience:

  1. Should have strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  2. Time Management: Proven ability to manage one’s own time and the time of others well.
  3. Monitoring: Proven practice of monitoring/assessing performance of oneself, other individuals, or organization to make improvements or take corrective action.
  4. Service Orientation: Actively looking for ways to help people.
  5. Experience working in high performance teams and performing as a proven strong team player.
  6. Commitment to company values.


Conditions of Employment:

  1. Background check required.
  2. Must have a valid and current driver’s license with good driving record and must have current auto insurance as required by applicable state law.
  3. Routinely operates a company vehicle or a personal vehicle while on company business.
  4. Must be at least 18 years of age.


Physical Challenges:

  1. Regular and consistent use of keyboard and mouse.
  2. Position requires some walking, standing, bending, and the ability to lift and carry light items.
  3. Additional challenges may arise, at which time LifeROOTS, Inc. may revise this job description.








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