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What LifeROOTS is doing to address the coronavirus

UPDATE 3/16/20: LifeROOTS is now providing services for children through Telehealth. No day programs are open for adults until DOH gives us the approval.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to review with you LifeROOTS protocols during this current Pandemic.

Please print this out for parent or caregivers who ask how we are addressing issues.

First thing-We are in the right business.  We are already very aware of how germs spread and are an industry who systematically wears gloves, washes hands and does not come to work sick.

We are also an agency who provides custodial services and Matthew Molina has been researching the strongest yet “Green” disinfectants for the last several years and we are able to use them in our contracts and facilities.

No staff will be allowed to work if they have a temperature of 100 degrees or more.

All Program Coordinators/Supervisors are allowed to request visitors to submit to having the nurse take their temperature before entering the programs.

Our internal IT person (Vincent) has always worn gloves when touching other people’s key boards.  I am requiring that anyone who shares a computer to enter their payroll will need to wear gloves before touching the board.

LifeROOTS will not participate in any Job fairs, Transition Fairs or Outreaches until the Governor lifts the travel ban.

All Staff who were signed up as van drivers for the Shamrock on Southern event Saturday (March 14th) and Tuesday (March 17th)-I have canceled our service.  The virus has a long incubation period and it is a risk I can reduce by saying no-sorry-we will look for other opportunities if you are interested in the future.

Click here for a trifold of how to reduce your exposure written by our RN- Suzanne Jacobi. This trifold will be at the front desk of every program.

I have supplied every program and the children’s classroom with the attached disinfectant.  It is 100% green yet provides a hospital grade disinfectant. Our RN has approved of the selection.

FIT is still asking providers to visit families in their homes.

LifeROOTS has purchased 8 laser thermometers (all we could find at this point)that can be signed out by CTS Staff from Jennifer Gutierrez’s office.

CTS Providers are asked to take the temperature of all family members before entering their homes.  If anyone has a temperature of 100 degrees or more you are not to enter and provide services.

Services can be provided while wearing gloves.  Providers will ask all family members to wash their hands before starting therapy.

KAFB will fog disinfect all vans at night after use.

Driver must wear protective gloves as multiple drivers use the company vehicles.

ACS staff will use the provided disinfectant on surfaces and keyboards nightly.  The longer the chemical dwells the more effective it is.  I am asking that you spay everything down once the last participant leaves. Finish your paperwork and then wipe down the chairs, light switches, door handles table tops.

All drivers of company vans will wear gloves.  At the end of the day please wipes down seats, seat belts and door handles with disinfectant wipes.

If people who work in offices want to keep their doors closed they may but to put a sign on the door so we know we can knock.

Please try to schedule most meetings by phone or internet or Skype.

I hope this strict protocol will not be too long and I will keep you updated regarding the Department of Health and our Governor’s requests.

If you have an idea or concern-send me an email at  KathleenC@LifeROOTSNM.org

Thank you for your time and attention,

Kathleen Cates
President & CEO

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