Pi(e) Day 2015


On March 26th, LifeROOTS gave the community the opportunity to have some fun, and to show “management” how they really feel … by throwing a pie in the face of several different LifeROOTS Managers, CEOs and even an attorney, who all volunteered to be part of the first ever “Throw a Pie In The Face of Management Event” held at Village Inn on San Mateo.

Paul DiPaola, Regional President of US Bank and Cristin Heyns, Corporate Counsel and Director of Human Resources at Blake’s Lotaburger, were great sports as they “got creamed” for a great cause … helping to raise money, and raise awareness, of the work LifeROOTS is doing in the community.  In addition to Paul and Cristin, the event also featured members of the LifeROOTS Board of Directors, managers of different divisions within LifeROOTS and our very own LifeROOTS CEO, Kathleen Cates.
In conjunction with the day’s “Throw a Pie in the Face of Management” event, customers who visited the Village Inn that evening had the opportunity to have a percentage of their bill donated to LifeROOTS. For each customer who mentioned that they support LifeROOTS, the Village Inn donated 10% of their bill directly to LifeROOTS.
“We came up with this idea as a really fun way to engage both our employees and the community as we work to raise money for LifeROOTS to help us enhance our programs and services that we provide to those with disabilities throughout central New Mexico,” said Kathleen Cates.  “The concept of throwing a pie in the face of management is something that we think takes on a very timely angle in today’s workforce and a fundraiser that has never been done with local companies here in Albuquerque. We thought it would not only be an event that all will enjoy, but a very successful way for us to raise money for LifeROOTS.”
The event also featured a variety of other activities for employees and attendees at the fundraiser; including a pie-eating contest, and special relay races where participants make and carry pie boxes around the restaurant.  We also arranged for an on-site LifeROOTS information booth providing information to customers about LifeROOTS programs and services.
This first-ever event was a success in many ways … and we’re looking forward to building on this successful event as we begin thinking about next year’s “Throw a Pie in the Face of Management” Event.   We’ve already received interest from local business leaders in the community eager to get involved in helping to raise money for LifeROOTS through this fun and unique event … and we have a feeling that even more pies are going to fly in 2016!