Get Involved

How can you get involved? It’s as easy as, well, pie.

Interested in being part of this truly unique (and delicious) fundraiser – which last year made headlines in the local press? There are a number of ways for you to get involved:

Corporate Sponsor
piecoropOpen to all local companies/businesses. Cost: $750
Corporate sponsors receive company logo/tagline on all signage, email blasts, social media postings, advertising and on the LifeROOTS website. You will also receive five (5) pie tickets (valued at $25 each) which can be used towards entrance tickets, pie samples and demonstrations or to purchase a pie (for eating or throwing). Sign Me Up!

piechampOpen to all local restaurants/chefs/food service professionals. Cost: provide pie/drink samples for 300 participants as well as 5 pies or certificates to sell  
Tastemaker sponsors receive name and logo on signage and advertising, and business cards/information on your business will be displayed at the event. A few Tastemakers will be selected to provide a demonstration. Sign Me Up!

pieleaderOpen to all business leaders/business professionals who are ready to “get creamed” for a good cause!  Goal amount to raise per person: $500

Leaders are asked to get a few friends, co-workers, employees to pony up a few bucks to come throw a pie at you on March 14th!  We are going to help you by sending you social media postings, easy to forward invites, etc… making it really easy for you to let people know about your involvement in this fundraising event – and their chance to join in the fun!  After the event, LifeROOTS will present you with a framed thank you with a photo of you covered in pie to hang in your office or lobby so EVERYONE knows of your commitment to the community and your great sense of humor. You and a guest will receive wrist band admission and 3 pie tickets.

Prefer to enjoy the event and help us raise money — while still keeping your shirt clean at our Pi(e) Day Event? We give you the chance to accept your “pie in the face” at your convenience – and then send video proof of your “hit” to people who have donated money to sponsor you in this unique fundraising effort. To qualify for this “video pie-in-the-face” instead of being creamed at the actual Pi(e) Day Event, all you have to do is raise $500!

Show others how your sense of humor and leadership demonstrate your commitment to the community.  Let the pies fly, the videos be shared … and the fundraising get underway! Sign Me Up!

piesupportAn important part of the evening will be the silent auction and raffle.  Profits raised will help LifeROOTS continue to provide programs and services to children and adults with disabilities.  As a company of great community pride looking to reach New Mexico’s top professionals and make an impact, we hope you will consider donating an auction or raffle prize to this year’s Pi(e) Day event. Sign Me Up!

Download a form here, or complete the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly: