Greeting Cards

Six years ago one of our clients at the Rio Rancho Day Habilitation Center had an interest in making greeting cards for their family and friends. Susan Roman, the centers supervisor, spearheaded the idea and when LifeROOTS staff saw the resulting artwork, the response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Since that time, visitors to the Rio Rancho Center and our headquarters offices in Albuquerque have showed a great interest and love of these greeting cards and LifeROOTS has offered them for sales to the general public.

Currently, there are 18 artists working in the Rio Rancho Art Program. Some create the greeting cards while others work in a variety of media and projects. Each card is a one-of-a-kind original piece of art signed by the artists.

Ms. Roman notes that, Our individuals love to do the cards. They really enjoy making money for the program and seeing their art on the wall at the main office and around town.

LifeROOTS Original LifeROOTS Greeting Cards will now be $3.00 each or 12 for $30.00.  This is the first price increase in 4 years and will help cover the cost of the card and bring funds into the Rio Rancho Center’s programs and services.  The cards are still more affordable than any other hand-made and even most manufactured cards.  Thanks to Susan Roman and her artists for creating such beautiful one- of-a- kind cards.

Pack of 12

Pack of 50

Pack of 100