Service Coordination

The journey for each individual begins with Service Coordination at intake and continues per the individual’s choice.Service Coordination services are provided to link and coordinate programs offered by LifeROOTS with the individual. Service Coordination provides advocacy for individuals; in many instances Service Coordinators are indicative of the individual’s voice by articulating concerns, interests and goals as needed. As a vital member of the Interdisciplinary Team, the Service Coordinator schedules formal team meetings and takes on the lead coordination role for LifeROOTS. Along with assisting in Individual Support Plan (ISP) development, the Service Coordinator authors program development, ensuring that each has meaningful outcomes that reflect the individual’s values. Finally, the Service Coordinator is not only the case file developer but also its keeper. Updates of case files are a mandate from all governing bodies of LifeROOTS. Thus, frequent review as well as peer auditing are conducted to ensure that files provide information needed to holistically plan and serve each person as an individual.