Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun

Love and Logic®, a national parenting program, which is being offered at LifeROOTS as a five week program that meets once a week – and has grown to be an important resource for many parents throughout the region. The Love and Logic program provides a practical and entertaining parent education group – and has been the approach of choice among leading educators, parents and other professionals worldwide.

The LifeROOTS “Love and Logic” program is led by facilitators that are trained, educated counselor, social workers and LPCC. It is a program geared to make parents laugh, remember their own childhood, and learn this powerful parenting philosophy. The group teaches parents easy techniques for common parenting issues, as well as provides parents with the opportunity to share their parenting struggles and give feedback on the implementation of the new techniques they’ve learned.

Many local parents have already benefited from the Love and Logic program offered at LifeROOTS; in fact, the program has become so popular among Albuquerque parents that it is now being offered four times a year. It’s just one more way that LifeROOTS is continuing its commitment to helping parents throughout the region by offering programs and services to meet a variety of parenting needs – and another way LifeROOTS is helping to “empower the lives” and “shape the futures” of all children and families throughout the community.

Contact LifeROOTS at 505-255-5501 for more information about upcoming class schedules, or check our Facebook page for event updates.