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Corona Tools Grant

Congratulations to our groundskeeping department on being selected as one of the 2020 Corona Cares grant recipients. Corona Cares supports organizations by donating the tools they need to maintain gardens and landscapes throughout the country. LifeROOTS received $1,000 in brand new tools to help assist in their day-to-day work.      

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Remote Day Services Adapts to Change

As of March 2020, LifeROOTS was forced to halt all in-person services within the ACS program. As a result, we had to get creative. We are serving 25-30 participants on a weekly basis.   Some things we did to adapt and some of the services we offer include: Remote day services via Zoom. Chair yoga […]

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Debunking Five Myths About Learning Disabilities

Did you know that the nearly 7 million disabled students in the U.S. make up 14% of national public school enrollment? Learning disabilities are not rare, but they’re overwhelmingly misunderstood. If their child is diagnosed with a learning disability, many parents assume that they are destined to drop out of school, will never “catch up” […]

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Five Realistic Self-Care Tips for Caregivers

LifeROOTS’ pediatric therapists work with the parents of children with developmental differences every day. We know first-hand the exceptional strength, perseverance, and resourcefulness parents need to care for their families. Parenting can be stressful under the best of circumstances, but parents of children with developmental differences are especially susceptible to stress and fatigue. Caring for a […]

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chld development

Child’s Development at Home and How to Support It

If your child has a developmental disability, receiving the right services can make a difference in their development. Therapy enhances cognitive, physical, and social abilities, but progress doesn’t have to stop once the session ends.  Now, many children receive services through our Telehealth program. There are some important things that parents can do for their […]

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LifeROOTS Director of Contracts Matthew Molina discusses the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities

LifeROOTS Director of Contracts Matthew Molina discusses the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities and how the organization’s programs can help people with disabilities secure employment in the community. LifeROOTS is an Albuquerque-based nonprofit that provides the community with a broad range of programs and services for children and adults with developmental, physical, and behavioral […]

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Remote Learning Tips for Special Needs Students

Back to school looks quite different this year for both families and teachers. As students and parents adjust to their new online learning and work-from-home schedules, teachers must adapt their curricula to meet at-home learners’ needs, including special needs students. Many teachers wonder how to make sure their special needs students are learning, even when […]

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